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About the TLC
North Seattle Community College's Classified Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) is a group of volunteer members elected by their peers to plan, coordinate and host professional development opportunities for classified employees of the college.
Through quarterly workshops held in the Teaching and Learning Center, day-long retreats held in Fall and Spring of each academic year,
and professional development mini-grants, CDAC focuses on addressing the particular needs of classified staff.

For 2012, CDAC has funded a standing license on the online tutorial website, dedicated for use by Classified Staff. All Classified Staff are welcome to check out this helpful resource at and call the TLC at 934-3776
for 24/7 access on a rotating basis.
CDAC Members 2010 - 2011
Jeff Covey
(MS3) ext.0067
e-mail Jeff
Vice Chair Communications:
Michael Montague (Library) ext.7715
e-mail Michael
Assistant Vice Chair Events and Activities:
Arlette Fellores (Advising) ext.7768
e-mail Arlette
Assistant Vice Chair Events and Activities:
Tam Nguyen
(ARRC) ext.3667
e-mail Tam
Vice Chair Budget:
Brianne Sanchez (Facilities) ext.4703
e-mail Brianne