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Assessment is an important part of our mandate to provide excellence in education for everyone.

Classroom Assessment


Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS)

Assessment Loop Form

Program Review
The goal of Program Review is to provide a regular opportunity for self-reflection among faculty at the program level to act in concert to enhance student learning.  The Program Review process creates opportunities for dialog and a written report documents the process of reflection. It provides a "snapshot" of the program for review by the Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee, the Vice President for Instruction, and participating and other interested faculty at a later time.

Program review is not intended to provide data for budgetary allocations or program termination. The Committee is looking for evidence of a meaningful dialog among faculty addressing the integration of courses and the generation of ways to improve student learning.

Program Review provides the opportunity for a collaborative reflection by faculty examining current knowledge about outcomes, generating questions to be answered, and determining actions to be taken in collaboration with each other. The possibility exists for faculty to confidently ensure they are doing everything possible to help students succeed.

College-wide Assessment: Essential Learning Outcomes
For more information on college-wide assessment, please visit the Office of Institutional Effectiveness Assessment website

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