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Events in the TLC
In Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, the TLC offers a variety of pedagogy and technology-related workshops for faculty and staff. (No scheduled workshops in Summer.) Please note that our calendar is now shared with the other campuses in the Seattle Community College Distrcit and displays workshops scheduled by South, Central and District as well as by North.
Each campus' TLC offerings are visible by default when the calendar opens, and each is color-coded with a different color. To determine which workshops are occurring where, please note that North's workshops are displayed in green, South's are in blue , Central's are in red and District's are in purple. Also, there is a letter designation preceding each workshop title: North's workshop descriptions are all preceded by the letter "N", South's workshops have a letter "S," Central's all have a "C" and District's a "D."
You may display one or all the campuses' workshops at any time by clicking the drop-down arrow on the upper right corner of the calendar, to the right of the "Agenda" button, and de-checking the campus offerings you do not wish to display. (To close the box, click the drop-down arrow a second time.) To restore the shared view, click the drop-down arrow, re-check the campuses you wish to display, and click the arrow again to close
To register for a workshop, you may email the TLC at or fill out our easy webform. To access this form from inside the new calendar, click on a workshop title, and then select "more details" at the bottom of the workshop description to reach a screen that provides a hot link to the sign-up form or an email address. (A link to the form will be visible at the bottom of the first description that comes up, but that one will not be clickable. We are hoping Google will fix this very soon!)
The TLC pays a stipend to faculty for presenting workshops. If you are interested in presenting for the TLC, please stop by the TLC or email Coryl Celene-Martel at, or call her at (206)527-3776.
We are also very interested in hearing what workshops you would like to see presented by the TLC. Please contact Coryl if there is a workshop you would like to attend in the TLC.

The North's eLearning Support Center (NeLSC) (aka Distance Learning Office), CDAC and DAC often co-sponsor TLC workshops. Co-sponsors will be noted in the workshop title and/or description.

Our calendar displays workshops scheduled by South, Central and District as well as by North.
Please note you do not need a Google account or Gmail to view our TLC Shared Workshops Calendar.

However if you wish to share this calendar with your own Google class or personal calendars, you can do that from your Google account. To get a Google account, bring up the Google search engine and follow their prompts to create your account.