North Seattle Community College

Survey of Former Students-June 2013

Each year, many students leave North Seattle Community College for other pursuits.  This year, it appears that you are such a student.  We hope you will spend a few minutes to give us feedback on your experience at North and to let us know what your future plans entail.  Your responses are completely confidential.  They will help us help us in our ongoing efforts to support students in their educational journeys.  Thank you for participating.
--Mark Mitsui, President
1. When you first enrolled at North Seattle, what was your educational goal for taking classes at the college?  (Mark all that apply.)
2. During your time at North Seattle, did your original goal(s) change?
3. To what extent did your experience at North Seattle contribute to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in the following areas?
  Acquiring a broad general education        
  Writing clearly and effectively        
  Speaking clearly and effectively        
  Thinking critically and analytically        
  Solving numerical problems        
  Using computing and information technology        
  Working effectively with others        
  Learning effectively on your own        
  Understanding yourself        
  Understanding people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds        
  Developing a personal code of values and ethics        
  Contributing to the welfare of your community        
  Developing clearer career goals        
  Gaining information about career opportunities        
4. Overall, to what extent did you achieve your educational goal(s) through your studies here at North Seattle?
5. What are your educational plans for the coming year? (Mark all that apply.)
6. What impact have your studies at North Seattle had on your employment situation?  (Mark all that apply.)
If you chose options A, B or C above, providing the following information will enable us to assess the effectiveness of programs in helping graduates learn/improve skills for employment.
7.c What is your hourly or annual wage?
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