IEP Week by Week

Updated August, 2013


F  Before Week 1:

·         Read all email from IEP Coordinator (Anne) and Dean (Kim). Always do this.

·         Take a look at your classroom (you can find this information on the schedule.) Does it have the equipment you need? (computer/projector/etc.) If not, talk to the IEP office staff (Jeff or Nancy) as soon as possible.

·         Do you have a key to your classroom? (Get a form from Jeff or Nancy and take it to IB 1425.)

·         Become familiar with the objectives of your course. Take a look at the Master Course Outline (MCO) for your class.

·         Contact your teaching cohort (those who are teaching the same course and level as you.) There will generally be at least one person who has taught the course before. A syllabus and course plan may be available from last quarter. Find out who the “lead teacher” is for your course.

·         You’ll want to coordinate your course content (which chapters you cover, etc.) with your teaching cohort, since your final exam should be similar (85%+  the same). The sooner the better.

·         Get your desk copies.

o        If you were a late hire, the Secretary Senior (Nancy) probably already ordered your books – check with her.

o        Be sure you have all the supplemental materials you need before you start class. (CDs, DVDs, teacher’s manuals, assessment packs, codes for any electronic supplementation, etc.)


·         Create your syllabus. Review syllabus guidelines on the website or a recent syllabus for the course, which you can get on the website.

·         Send an electronic copy of your syllabus to Nancy, preferably before the quarter starts.

·         Complete your office hour form (in your physical mailbox) and put it outside your office. Email office hours to Nancy. Subject line sample: Fall 2012 Kim IEP 051.01 (Kim=your last name)

·         Prepare your first week assessments/diagnostics. Ask teaching partners or the coordinator if there are any on file, or create something yourself. Teachers should do an assessment the first day of class. If someone appears to be misplaced, talk to your cohort and veteran teachers asap about a possible level change. Do NOT share the scores of these assessments with the students.

·         Familiarize yourself with resources on campus that you can use! (Page One Writing & Language Center, NSCC Library, and Media Services)

·         FYI, additional items during the quarter will include two (paid) faculty meetings. You’ll receive email notices announcing dates for these meetings.


Week 1:

·         Day 1:

o   Print an updated roster from your Instructor Briefcase before you go to class. Check online each day this week and update as necessary.

o   You also need your faculty ID number and your PIN. These should have been mailed to you. If you haven’t received them yet by mail, ask any of the office staff (Jeff) to print you your roster.

o   Take attendance at the start of your class. Send an attendance report to Anne only if attendance becomes a problem (see Policies and Procedures). You’ll report total absences at the end of the quarter. Have a tardy/attendance policy for your class.

o    Compare the names on your roster to picture ID’s of students attending. If they are not on your roster, ask for their schedule. If another instructor is listed, send the student to that class right away. If it’s a total mystery, send them to the IP (International Programs) Office.

o   Many teachers like to ask the students to write down basic information about themselves on a form. Keep an eye out for any student (especially new) who may be misplaced. (This probably won’t happen, but it could. If it does, consult your track cohorts— teachers who teach the same student—and see if that’s the case in all his/her classes.)

·         Day 2

o   Continue with new-class activities.

o   Resolve any placement issues by the end of today, if you happen to have any.

·         Days 3—5

o   Make sure you are starting to get into the “meat” of the class. The quarter goes very quickly. Yes, it will feel like you are rushing. Aim to start your series of graded assessments (tests, quizzes, assignments, etc.) at least by the middle of next week.

Weeks 2-4

·         Read all email from IEP Coordinator , Dean, as well as teaching cohort and track cohort instructors.

·         Teach and assess. Make sure you have divided your teaching goals into the weeks available. It will be a tight fit, but don’t let the class drag. The students will have trouble keeping up if they do not study hard outside of class. Encourage use of Page One Writing & Language Center and other student resources. General encouragement and “cheerleading” are also effective.

·         If attendance becomes a problem for any student, or if a student disappears, inform Ryan and Anne immediately. 

Week 5 (or early Week 6): Midterms

Weeks 6-8

·         Teach, assess, encourage, etc.

Week 9

·         Do student evaluations. You can find templates for these on the website.

·         Pre-registration/Quarter Plans: In the weeks prior to finals week, you will be contacted by a representative from the IP office regarding IEP students’ preregistration and quarter plans. Someone from the IP office will need to come to your class (Grammar/Writing) to take care of this paperwork or you will receive forms. This will take 20+ minutes, depending on your students’ level.

·        Let the Grammar/Writing teacher in your track cohort know who has perfect attendance in your class and who you nominate for the Academic Excellence and Most Improved awards. These decisions are made as a team.

·        Week 10: Finals

·         Review and finish up.

·         Give final exams. These are common to your teaching cohort – everyone gives the same exam.

·         Attend the IEP final celebration. Cheer the graduating level 6 students. Give out awards.

·         An IEP Coordinator ( probably Jo) will send a final grade form asking for same information as at midterms (number of absences, whether or not students passed). Complete this form and…

·         … Complete the grade roster in the Instructor Briefcase. Don’t forget to click on the “Submit” button! You should print a copy of your final grades for your records.

·         Keep your grades, exams and attendance records for your class for three quarters (in addition to summer). Then you may discard them. If you leave the college before this three quarter period is up, you will need to leave these records with Kim.

·         If the current quarter is spring quarter, complete the Annual Experience, Employment, and Professional Development report. The report is due June 30 each year. You can find a link to this report on the Intranet: