Note to Faculty: if you have, or learn of, a resource you think would be helpful to other instructors, please send information to the Faculty Coordinator so it can be put on the website!


IEP Assessment Information

Grading Guidelines and Policies

Engrade Information



         This 3-minute video shows faculty how to edit their people profile on the website.  

         This 2-minute video shows faculty how to link their people profile to their canvas profile.

         If you want to request a shell for a new course, go to

         Canvas log in is

         You can contact if you have any questions about Canvas.

         Stephanie Solomonís instructions for attaching files, videos and websites to a Canvas weekly template







         Lots of resources for faculty on TLC website

         Faculty can meet TLC staff for help

         Computers available for faculty use


Media Center

         Students can create presentations here.


NSCC Library

         Library has an ESL section.

The Library offers:

         access to over 50 databases as well as

         books in both paper and digital format

         study rooms, course reserves, and computers

         research training sessions for whole classes, individual study groups, and individuals upon request

         collection of materials to support your curriculum upon request

         online research guides to support your course curriculum upon request








Lots of information here about what you have available to you as faculty at NSCC.

General:†† (has Jeopardy and more)











Audacity Handout (lower level)

Link to Interactions series (Reading and Listening/Speaking) free audio for students:

Plagiarism: (high level)

IELTS: (link to IELTS reading skills)

COMPASS (link to short video students can watchabout preparing for the Compass)





Other Resources:


Chinese Pronunciation Tips

(from Green River Community College)