IEP Evaluations



Student evaluations usually take place in week 9. You need to choose an Evaluation Template, customize it, and copy the student evaluations for your class.

Information about the Evaluation Templates:

The IEP Evaluation Templates have yellow highlighting on the “notes to teacher.” These notes will need to be deleted when you print your customized evaluation form.

Evaluation Process:

·         A large manila envelope may appear in your mailbox, or you can get one from one of the office staff and address it to the Dean of BTS. Write clearly, as you will need to ask a student to deliver the completed evaluations.

·         Make copies of your evaluation form.

·         In class on evaluation day, explain the evaluation process, ask for a volunteer to take the completed evaluations to the Basic and Transitional Studies staff in the division office located on the second floor of IB, near the north end of the building. Pass out the exams and leave the classroom. This often takes place in the last fifteen-twenty minutes of class, so students can leave when they finish their evaluation.


Level 1 Evaluation Template

Level 2 Evaluation Template

Level 3 Evaluation Template

Level 4 Evaluation Template

Level 5 Evaluation Template

Level 6 Evaluation Template