Pre-course Assignment


Please tell us something about yourself.

We would like to know about your family now as well as when you were a child, a little about your children or those you work with (the number, their ages and sexes), your parenting partner (if you have one), where you live, why you took this course, and your experiences with other parenting / provider and online classes.  And, of course, add whatever else you would like to tell us.

You might describe your favorite hobbies, chronicle your "pre-parenting" / pre-provider years, share your goals, announce your philosophy of life, etc.

We would love your photo (send us one and we will scan it, or if you have a scanner please send it as an attachment).  We like being able to "see" one another as we chat.

All of our responses will be posted on the Autobiographies page.

NOTE:  Please type directly into the form below.




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