Netiquette and Privacy

You are expected to abide by generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These rules include (but are not limited to) the following:

bulletRESPECT. The purpose of the Discussion Area is to provide opportunities for information management and exchanges to benefit young children and families. This can best be done in an environment that supports open communication and honors the contributions of members of the community (a group of individuals involved because of their interest in early childhood education).

We would like to suggest respectful exchanges as a basic ground rule. We feel that informational errors should be pointed out respectfully (even if stated strongly).   Disagreements that honor the viewpoints of the various contributors are productive and can lead to new learning and understanding.


bulletPRIVACY. Keep in mind not only your own privacy rights but those of others as well. Do not reveal any information that you deem private. You also have the right to substitute a different assignment (contingent upon instructor approval) if you are uncomfortable sharing the requested information.

           Class email is also private and cannot be used in any type of commercial or private mass mailing lists.


bulletBE CONSIDERATE OF GRAMMATICAL/SPELLING ERRORS. Communicate your thoughts and feelings but do not toil with sentence structure and "perfect wording." We do not count off for spelling or grammatical errors, especially since there is no spell check in our on-line response box!


bulletREMEMBER THAT HUMOR AND SATIRE ARE OFTEN MISINTERPRETED ON-LINE. Communication is more than words so be prepared for some misunderstanding and requests for clarification.


bulletBE SUPPORTIVE. There are no parenting / provider experts here, and we are all still learning. Each of us is trying to become a better parent / childcare provider. Our job is not to judge or condemn or even praise, although genuine encouragement is a necessary ingredient. We are here to provide information, topics for a discussion forum, and to provide assistance in helping each participant develop her/his own unique parenting / provider style. Reflection generally precedes growth. So reflect upon what is said, provide sincere comments, and hopefully, we will all grow.


bulletDIVERSITY STATEMENT:  Respect for diversity is a core value of North Seattle Community College.  Our college community fosters an optimal learning climate and an environment of mutual respect.  We, the college community, recognize individual differences.  Therefore, we are responsible for the content and tone of our statements and are empathetic speakers and listeners.

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revised 1/08 Val Donato