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 Fall 2004


FAM 180




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Send via snail mail OR e-mail a photo of you and/or your family for use in the autobiography.


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Course Content

This online class, including a pre-course assignment, is designed to give students flexibility in and accessibility to obtaining parenting/working with children information.  This course will also provide a forum to share questions with other registered parents, nannies, childcare providers, and the instructors teaching this class.

The design of this course allows for two tracks: instructor generated and an open forum for current concerns and support. For the instructor generated track, we have chosen  topics which, from our experience, have proven to be areas about which parents/providers have voiced a need for the latest research and information. These topics range from multiple intelligences to social development. The other track is designed as an open forum where students can network with other classmates and the instructors to ask questions and provide support for each other.

Students will have a chance to practice skills with the children in their care.
Course Goals

The goals of this course are:

  • to increase parenting/working with children skills,
  • to present opportunities for interaction,
  • to share a virtual library of articles and web links,
  • to provide a mechanism for meeting the unique needs of individual students,
  • and to be a vehicle to receive, share, and discuss parenting/working with children information.

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 Course Expectations

Students are required to answer (in the Topic Discussion/Open Forum) at least 7 questions per topic, which averages approximately 3-4 questions per week.  Students are also required to respond (in the Topic Discussion/Open Forum) to at least 4 other students' postings per topic.  At the beginning of each topic assignment, the student is expected to read the assignment, follow the directions, and respond appropriately to other students' postings. Postings are expected which will reflect the results of the assignment and any additional thinking. There may be times when students will be required to work in groups or network with other students.

There are additional readings available for each topic. Students may choose or be asked to broaden the depth of their knowledge using the resources found in the complete Virtual Library.

Students may be asked to post bibliographical references and website locations which deal with the student/instructor generated topic.   We encourage students to add personal favorites to the articles, bibliographies, and web sites for each topic.

Additionally, students are encouraged to post about any issue or concern not covered in the course content.

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Assignment Schedule

The assignments are found in the "Topic Assignments" grid, and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate topic assignment number found on the home page. The topics for this quarter include:

  • pre course assignment:  (September 27-29) Autobiography, Distance Learning Survey, and learning about course requirements, schedule and logistics.  Further,   email at least two other people in our online class (using the autobiography page to obtain emails) and visit with one another.  Share in our Discussion Forum, any interesting similarities that you discovered during your email conversations.

  • topic one:   Families & Traditions (Sept. 30 - Oct. 15)  (Sept. 27-29 Precourse assignment)

  • topic two:  Gender  (Oct. 18 - Oct. 29)

  • topic three:  Television Media (Nov. 1 - Nov. 12)

  • topic four:   Violence & Children   (Nov. 15 - Nov. 28, Thanksgiving 25-26)

  • topic five:   Death  (Nov. 29 - Dec. 10)

  • concluding assignment: Wrap up/ Evaluation (Dec. 13-16) 

Late Assignments

We require that all students be proactive in answering the assignment questions and responding to others.  The interactive discussions that take place in the Open Forum expand your own learning and enhance others' learning as well.  It is not only  an interesting place to be but is an integral part of your online learning as well as the topic focus during the assigned times. 

When you do not become engaged in the Topic Discussion/Open Forum conversations, for whatever reason, you not only lose out on valuable information, but also the enjoyment that comes from sharing and understanding other views different from your own.  We assume that you have read all postings so that redundancy is reduced and expanded learning is enhanced.

Students are expected to progress through the assignments at a steady pace ,and by so doing, complete at least half, or 4 questions and 2 or more responses to others,  each week.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to try and complete all 7 questions and 4 responses.  You not only forfeit valuable feedback from instructors and classmates  when this is done but also fail in your responsibility as an active class participant.

Instructors will accept late assignments ONLY through the two weeks immediately following the topic's ending date -- AND with previous permission.  If you fail to complete the required number of questions by that extended date, you will receive an NC or No Credit for the course.  The only exception to the "grace period" is for the final topic of the quarter.  The last topic must be completed on time since the class web site is disconnected, and accessibility to the class questions/library is unavailable.  Prior special arrangements may be made by the instructor depending on individual student circumstances. 

Assignments that are not completed in a timely fashion cause additional work for the instructor,  so if a student is late with any assignment, then a total of 11 questions must be answered and e-mailed to the instructor of record for that topic.  If the student partially completes the work, then the instructor will notify the student of the exact requirements.  

Although reminders are generally sent to each student at the conclusion of each topic, if a student is unsure about his/her status, he/she should contact the instructor of record to confirm completion.  Students may also check out their own participation by searching the discussion area.

All late topic assignments should be sent directly to the instructor's personal e-mail address rather than in the Topic Discussion/Open Forum.   This quarter, Val is directing the Death topicSandra will be responsible for Violence & Children, Holidays & Traditions, Television/Media and Gender. Please keep this in mind when communicating or requesting clarification regarding specific topics.  Note the lead facilitator of each topic as noted on assignment pages.


If you are taking the class for credit, your grade options include:   S for Satisfactory when meeting minimum requirements; I for Incomplete when partial work has been completed; and NC for No Credit when minimum requirements have not been met.   If you need documentation that is different from our typical grades, please inform Val as soon as possible. 

In order to get your grades, which are generally available one week after the final class date, you will need to log on to http://www.northseattle.edu/kiosk/index.htm

You will need your student ID number and your pin number which is your birthdate (again 6 digits 013170 if your birthday were Jan 31, 1970).  Be sure to print a copy of both our current home page, which validates the topics, and your unofficial transcript which confirms your completion of the course.

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Distance Learning Materials

A couple of important forms are accessible below.  Please complete them and just click on "Submit."


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