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Summer Fun

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Bringing Along Baby hotels cater to kids

Chase Summer

Creating child-friendly gardenss

TN01122_.wmf (22516 bytes)Driving with Kids:  A Road Map for Parents

Education May put youth sports on ice

Expectations of Parents, players and coaches ---little league

Facts About Youth Sports Injuries

Food Safety Tips for Summertime Eating

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Games Kids Play             

Games to Play on the Go

Great Family Vacations

Heat Illness

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Home Learning Activities

Hot Diggity Dog! Quiz
What would summertime be without the ultimate barbecue treat - the hot dog?  It's as all-American as baseball and apple pie. Or is it? See how much you know about the king of sausages!

Hot Tips for a Safe Summer

Immunization Information Regarding Traveling with Children- awesome site for any question re:  immunization

BD05607_.WMF (25912 bytes) Insect Stings and Bites

Jeremy's Camp Safety Guide for Parents

Kids’ Travel Kits how to keep them from getting bored

Keep Your Kids Safe During Travel

Leaf Collections

BD17445_.WMF (982 bytes)Leaving Home Alone - How to Put your Kids on Board a Plane and Let Them Fly

Online Games for Summer

Parents Primer for Gardening

Pool Owners Must Take Precautions to Avoid Drownings

Preventing Children’s Sports Injuries

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Sportsmanship Learned from parents

Sports safety checklist

Staying Safe While in the Water

PE06289_.WMF (21350 bytes)Student Mobility:  Helping children Cope With a Moving Experience

Are you afraid that your kids will lose a lot of ground over the summer?   Give them an advantage come fall by making learning a part of your family's summer routine!

Summer Activity Guide from Colorado Kids

Summer camp articles

Summer Fun @ Kids' Domain

Summer Fun and Learning

Summer Fun for Kids on the Net

Summer Fun from Yahooligans

Summer Fun-Safety Tips

Summertime Tips for Kids with LD- follow links to all pages
Experts answer parents' common questions about helping children relax and gain self-esteem over the summer.

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Summer Safety
Worried about your kids playing it safe this summer? From the local jungle gym to a vacation home at the beach, where there's fun for kids, there are safety concerns for parents. Get the tips and resources you need to inform your kids and put your mind at ease.

Summer Solstice
Celebrate the start of summer sun and fun. Soak up some facts, take a quiz,and plan your family's vacation!

Summer Spending
Are your kids aware of money, the price of movie tickets, or that must-have summer outfit? Start the season with good spending habits.

Summer vacations

Sun Safety a Must for Children -  check out the related sites at bottom of page

Sunny day activities  Try these games and activities if your kids say they're bored with the beach or the ball field.

Superintendent's Message regarding importance of summertime learning plus a30 page resource book available free online

Teaching Good sportsmanship

Ten More Tips to Summer Fun

Ten Summer Safety Tips from Children's Hospital

Tips for Safe Summer Travel

Tips for Safe Summer Cyclingbicyclist.jpg (2245 bytes)bicyclist.jpg (2245 bytes)bicyclist.jpg (2245 bytes)bicyclist.jpg (2245 bytes)bicyclist.jpg (2245 bytes)

Top Ten Safety Tips Flying with Children

Traveling Without Your Children

Turning Kids On to Herbs

summertent.gif (1859 bytes)Woods and Camping Safety


Youth sports injuries

Youth Sports:  A  Pediatriciatinís perspective on coaching and injuries

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flowersmall.gif (196 bytes) Bibliography 

Summer Reading Headquarters  Keep your bookworm munching happily through the summer with quizzes,
activities, games, and book lists

Summer Reading Lists

The following  books and reviews were obtained from  NSCC in no way advocates the purchase of these books from any commercial site or vendor, however they are included here as an example of available books, many of which may be obtained from your local public library.

Are We Having Fun Yet? : Summer Activities Inspired by Nickelodeon Magazine                                                        Carmen Morais(Editor), Chip Wass (Illustrator) / Published 1998

Green Beans & Tambourines : Over 30 Summer Projects & Activities for Fun-Loving Kids                              Jennifer Storey Gillis, Patti Delmonte (Illustrator) / Published 1995

Peterson's Summer Fun : Traditional & Specialty Camps (The Summer Fun Series)
Published 1999
So You're Off to Summer Camp : A Trunk Load of Tips for a Fun-Filled Camp Adventure
Margaret M. Queen, Margaret H. Matens (Illustrator)  / Published 1997
Summer Camp Fun
Published 1998
Summer Fun! : 60 Activities for a Kid-Perfect Summer
Susan Williamson(Editor), Michael Kline (Illustrator) / Published 1999
Busy Bees Summer : Fun for Two's and Three's (Totline Books)
Elizabeth McKinnon, Gayle Bittinger  / Published 1995
Summertime Fun Cookbook
Hardcover / Published 1994
Bitty Bear's summer fun
Peggy Jo Ackley
Discovering the Four Seasons : A Fun-Filled Field Guide to Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter (Creation Up Close)
Jeffery Scott Wallace
Owl's Summer Fun : Teacher Resource Book
Owl Magazine Editor
Summer Fun
Carolyn Haywood
Summer fun : creative activities for children
Lois Brokering

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 summerbeachumbrella.gif (231 bytes)Web Links                                   

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes)    Curious - follow travelogue of family with five children as they trot around the world

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes)     New York City kids - great kid activities for children

Poisonous Plants web pages have nice photographs of plants, which are handy, as well as links to other sites (including the Canadian one).>

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes)     Totally wic-kid - travel related mystery site for kids with games, puzzles, etc.

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes)     Have children, will travel - family travel newsletter crammed with educational family adventures

The Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System web site has a very nice searchable database (by common name or by botanical name).  Information on plants is thorough (parts that are potentially harmful, types of reactions, etc.) and references to scientific articles are provided.  However, it maynot be very useful to those of you in warmer climates:

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes)   The Place Where Omni Kids Rule- check it out and its good for adults to discover kid fun in states where you’re staying

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes) Kids’ Domain Summer Fun

flowersmall.gif (196 bytes) Story Place:  The children’s digital library

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