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Look Here before moving your instruction materials online!
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You can find out more about the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen at http://www.livescribe.com


A smartpen is a pen that records audio and syncs that audio to written notes.  These notes and audio can then be reviewed later by the user or published as a pencast and shared with others.

At NSC we use Livescribe Smartpens.  To find out more about how smartpens work check out this powerpoint.

Available for checkout in NeLSC and the TLC!

View this with your mobile device! qrcodeOpen your Bar Code Scanner app and scan the code. Quick Response Codes (QR Code)- How they can be used with your
instruction materials. 

Click Here to watch the video presentation on your computer.

How to generate your QRC.

There are many QR Code generators can be found by opening your browser and searching for "QR Code generator".  I used this one: http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Informative ppt:



Quality Matters:

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to continuously improve the quality of online and hybrid courses in constructive ways.  NSCC is exploring the value of the QM rubric and process as an informal, collaborative tool for supporting high quality in e-learning at our college.  QM was introduced at SCCD's 2010 Equinox Institute by Roger Bourett, Carey Schroyer and Tom Braziunas (slideshow link).  Faculty can become involved at several levels from simply using the QM rubric to self-review their own online courses to becoming a certified nationally-recognized QM peer reviewer (visual diagram of various options).   

Washington State Board of Community & Technical Colleges has additional information and resources at http://www.sbctc.edu/college/_e-elearningqualitymatters.aspx.

Contact NeLSC if you are interested in participating in any way.

The web address of NSC's faculty e-learning resources wiki: http://nscc-elearningfaculty.wikifoundry.com/


A conferencing tool that enables groups of people to come together for meetings online without the cost of travel.  Collaborate enables live chat, audio, video communication between participants.  Collaborate facilitates the exchange of information during the meeting by enabling all to see the browsing of the internet, viewing a document such as a PowerPoint, and sharing documents by sending a document out to all participants.  Meetings or "Sessions" are recordable, making them available for viewing as needed at convenient times.

To participate in a meeting that someone else has scheduled, participants do NOT need a special login and password (unless the meeting is by private invitation). They need only to click on a link.
To schedule and lead a meeting, you need to open Canvas and click on the Blackboard Collaborate button in your course navigation menu.

User Support materials:

Training opportunities:

  • On Demand Learning Center 

    Quarterly workshops are acheduled to give training and the opportunity to practice using Collaborate. 
    We use Collaborate for one DOES-IT Buzz per quarter to meet virtually and practice using the Collaborate tool while discussing best practices of e-teaching.  Contact us if you would like to schedule other times to practice using this tool or to set up a meeting space of your own.


Click here to see Elluminate/Collaborate as used in Class Session example: 

Note: Elluminate and Collaborate represent the same tool with minor changes in appearance and reflects the name change that occurred after Blackboard, Inc.  purchased the tool from Elluminate



Open Education Resources: NSC is part of a consortium of schools working together in the interest of reducing the cost of education resources e.g. textbooks to students. Math faculty: Pam Lippert has saved her students $10,000 in textbook costs.  Follow this link to learn more: http://nscc-elearningfaculty.wikifoundry.com/page/Open+Education+Resources


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Washington's new lecture capture technology tool
Orientation: https://canvas.northseattle.edu/courses/1016019 
For more information: North.eLearning@seattlecolleges.edu

Online Course Development Funds Available for Faculty

 The District eLearning Program attempts to allocate funds for faculty stipends to create new or revised online courses.

 For More Information:
Access the application and grant guidelines through the intranet.
Login using your Outlook email userID and password. 

Picture of a movie cameraHow to locate information on Curriculum Grants (1:29)

Questions? north.elearning@seattlecolleges.edu / 934.3738



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