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 ANGEL LMS: Courseware & Login Information

Logging in to NSCC ANGEL

The Registered Students page will link you to your course and give you information about accessing and logging in to your account. It is recommended that you access the email for your instructor that is found on the Registered Students page and send an email introducing yourself.  This will insure that your instructor has a your viable email adress so you will receive any necessary emails.  

You will need to go to to access the login page for your course.

UserID = your 9-digit student ID number
Password = first 5 letters of your last name
Password example: Johnson=johns, Lee=lee, O'Reilly=oreil  

UserID = your 9-digit student ID number  
Password = password from previous quarter

If you are unfamiliar with using ANGEL

Please Note:  Your ANGEL class will be disabled the Thursday after the end of the quarter. At that time you will be able to login to your account but you will lose access to any information that is contained in your course.  If there is any information you wish to retain you will need to download or copy this information before the end of the quarter.  For more information please contact your instructor to confirm the date that classes will be disabled. 

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