Any NSC employee is eligible to nominate or be nominated for the Golden Star Employee of the Quarter Award.

Link to GOLDEN STAR AWARD Nomination Form

Peter, Janet, Marcia, Coryl, and Oleg, past recipients of the Golden Star Award
have pioneered a new "club" of exemplary employees.
All North employees are encouraged to "join" by practicing excellence every day
and taking the time to nominate a helpful colleague


Award Recipient

Area of College


Carol Deng

Budget Analyst 2, Business Office

Summer 2015

Amanda Knowles

Art Faculty/ NSC Art Gallery Manager

Spring 2015

Grace Sakuma

Secretary Lead, Student Success Services

Winter 2015

Jo Scozzafava

International Program

Fall 2014

Terre O’Malley


Farideh Faraz

E-Learning Support Center


Office of Instruction

Summer 2014


Spring 2014

Steve Hoffman


Winter 2014

Chris Wiederhold

IT Services

Fall 2013

Mark Mitsui

President (honorary Golden Star)

Summer 2013

Aryana Bates


Spring 2013

Chris McCurdy

BEIT Division

Winter 2013

Nancy Leverton

Basic and Transitional Skills

Fall 2012

Tam Nguyen

Admissions Registration Records & Credentials

Summer 2012

Amanda Lopez-Castanon

Food Services

Spring 2012

Casey Chow

Library & Media Services

Winter 2012

Peter Stalgis

Safety & Security

Fall 2011

Janet Sekijima

Continuing Education

Summer 2011

Marcia Shaw

Health & Human Services

Spring 2011

Oleg Koltman

Math, Science & Social Sciences

Winter 2011

Coryl Celene-Martel

Teaching & Learning Center

Fall 2010