Checklist for new Integrated Studies faculty

Getting Started with your Team

        Consider yourself a learner as well as a teacher. Expect to learn from your colleaguesí different areas of knowledge and intellectual interests. This should liberate you from having to be the expert all the time.

        Build into your schedule a faculty seminar to explore the readings with each other--just for the intellectual joy of it.

Look at a sample syllabus

Be Familiar with Student Seminars -- Seminars have been at the heart of North's coordinated studies program since they were first introduced in the 80's.  In 2007, Margot Boyer and Jim Harnish led an effort to create a video entitled "Seminar: A Skill Everyone Can Learn" as a teaching tool for both students and faculty.  This video is available on the SCCtv website: Link to Seminar Video (Click on "Seminar: A Skill Everyone Can Learn" under North programs.)

Read another Instructor's Seminar Packet

Read Jim Harnish's Classic "What's In A Seminar?"

Look at a Sample Seminar Paper

Learn what Students say about Seminars

Use the Heuristic to Create an Integrative Assignment

Look over the Rubric for Assessing Integrative or Interdisciplinary Learning

The Integrated Studies Committee is available to support new IS faculty. 
Please donít hesitate to contact the coordinator, Jane Harradine if you have any questions or concerns.
(Last modified 9/8/2010)