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nScan Instructions
To make a long distance call:
  1. Dial "8" to get the SCAN network.
  2. Dial the long distance telephone number, including area code.
  3. Dial the 7 digit SCAN authorization number.
For SCAN directory information please visit the Washington's online telephone directory.
If you need more information please email Betty Lunceford.
To make a SCAN System Conference Call:
  1. Dial the SCAN Conference Call Center
    (360) 902-3310, identify yourself and college
    1. They will need the following information:
    2. Date of conference call
    3. Time of conference call
    4. Number of individuals/callers involved in the call
    5. Phone numbers of these individuals
    6. NSCC budget/account number to charge for the set up

    7. (Contact Marc Eskenazi @ 527-7650 for your SCAN account code)

Last Update: 10/2010