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Scheduling a Conference Call with the State Campus Operator
These calls need to be scheduled through the State campus operator via our Scan System. That number is 360-902-3310.

The State campus operator will need the following:

  • Number of participants (including the originator)
  • Name of Agency (SCCD)
  • Estimated length of call
  • Originator
  • Originator’s Scan number
  • Billing number (usually the phone number of the originator)

The State campus operator will then give you two phone numbers.

  1. One number will be the one the originator dials – and that’s the Conference Bridge. The originator will stay on the line while the other participants dial in to the number they’ve been given.
  2. The second number is the number for the participants to dial.

Once all parties are on the bridge, the conference may begin.
The first party to enter the call will hear “Welcome to the Washington State Conference Bridge. You may be the first on the line”.
The originator may not necessarily be the first one on the call.
One beep tone indicates that a caller has entered the bridge, and may now begin talking.
Two beep tones indicates that a caller has hung up, and is no longer part of the conference bridge.
If a caller comes on and the group notices that communication has become static-y, ask that caller to hang up and call in again, using a different phone.

Billing is handled as follows:

In a “Meet Me” conference format, the originator pays $.12 per port per minute. All participants will then be responsible for their own long distance costs.

In a “Meet Mix” conference format, the originator pays the per port charge, as well as part or all of the long distance charge.

There is also an “Operator Assist” format, where an operator places the calls for the participants. (This type is rarely used by State agencies).

Last Update: 05/2010