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nRecycling Information
Recycled paper via International Paper/Weyerhaeuser Co.(2001-2009)
Newsprint 120,399 pounds 60.2 tons
White paper 117,822 pounds 58.9 tons
Corrugated Cardboard 229,131 pounds 114.6 tons
Mixed paper 379,101 pounds 189.6 tons
Totals for this period: 847,111 pounds 423.6 tons
Recycled metal via Seattle Iron & Metals Corp.(2000-2009)
Various metals 307,342 pounds 153.67 tons
The college recycles glass and plastic bottles via Allied Waste

6 totes per week @ 50 pounds each = approximately 7.5 tons per year

The college recycles all used fluorescent lighting via Total Reclaim (2 year period).
Cost to NSCC is $.28 per 4 feet 6800 feet recycle
The college recycles all ballasts (fluorescent lighting) via Total Reclaim (2 year period).
Cost to NSCC is $.80 per pound 6744 pounds recycled
The college recycles non-working computer monitors and TV’s via Total Reclaim.
Cost to NSCC is $8.00/monitor, and $10.00/TV
The college has recycled old furniture, tables, chairs, etc. via various non-profit agencies:
Neighborhood House
Intergenerational Innovations
Partners for Success in Schools
Tiny Tots Child Development
Literary Program
Ingram High School
Nathan Hale High School
The college recycles useable computers, printers, equipment and furniture through State of Washington Surplus.
Usually 4 – 6 shipments per year. Most recent was 319 computer monitors.

Last Update: 05/2010