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Seattle Community College District Policy 250
Use of Seattle Community College District Facilities
“Because the Seattle Community College District is an educational institution provided and maintained by the people of the state, its campuses, buildings, properties, and facilities shall be reserved at all times for those activities which either are related directly to its educational mission or are justifiable on the basis of their contributions to the cultural, social, or economic development of the state.”
NSCC Strategic Objective
“To create a safe, productive, attractive and supportive work environment.” To accomplish this objective these posting procedures regulate the approval, posting and removal of posted communications at North Seattle Community College.

Approval Authority & Process

  • Divisions/department heads have the responsibility of approving, posting and removing their materials that are posted in their areas and ensure compliance with these campus procedures.
  • Student Programs & Activities office and student club advisors have the joint responsibility of approving, posting and removing their materials that are posted by the Student Programs and Activities office and by the Associated Student Body (clubs, student government, students at large) and ensure compliance with these campus procedures.
  • The Union leadership from the faculty and classified staff has the responsibility of approving, posting and removing materials in their designated bulletin boards that are posted by them and their membership and ensure compliance with these campus procedures.

Posting Procedures

  1. Content – The department/division with approval authority shall ensure that all posted materials are:
    1. Aligned – Consistent with NSCC’s mission
    2. Timely – Normal length of posting is 4 weeks. Exceptions may be authorized by the approving department/division. Posting must be removed by the end of the removal date including removal of all tacks, staples or tape.
    3. Professional - Must be accurate and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
    4. Identifiable - Sponsoring division/departments must be clearly identified.
    5. Attractive – Damaged or deteriorated postings shall be removed by facilities.
    6. Non-discriminatory – All college-sponsored postings shall include the non-discriminatory statement.
  2. Approval Stamp – All postings will have an affixed stamp of approval that identifies the originating department, who approved it, and removal date.
  3. Removal Posters
    1. The department that posts the materials is responsible for removing the materials on or before the stamped removal date.
    2. The Facilities department will remove all postings not in compliance with the posting policy.
  4. Permissible Posting Methods, Locations and Guidlines
    1. Outdoor bulletin boards – Pushpins are encouraged. If staples are used, it is the user’s responsibility to remove the staples when the posting is removed.
    2. Sandwich Boards & Easels – the same procedures for all posted communications apply.
    3. Sky Bridge - Use tie strings only to the balconies around the Courtyard. Do not use masking tape.
    4. Cafeteria – Posting permitted only on the north wall.
    5. Department/division bulletin boards – per approval by division/department only.
    6. Classrooms, labs, tutoring centers - Bulletin boards and hallways are subject to approval by respective Deans or designees.
    7. Vendors/advertisers – all materials of a commercial nature seeking the sale or rental of property or personal services (tutoring, ESL classes, music lessons, vehicles, computer equipment, etc.) shall be permitted only in a centralized bulletin board located in the hallway adjacent to the cafeteria. The college assumes not liability nor endorses the items for sale or rental.
  5. Inappropriate Posting Methods and Locations
    1. Posting on painted surfaces, wood, concrete, doors to general public entrances, exterior of classroom doors, windows, bricks, or handrails.
    2. Banners or signs that require stakes or posts.
    3. Posting on any fire alarms and extinguishers
    4. Chalking or marking on sidewalks, floors or walls.
  6. Handbills and Leaflets
    • Handbills and leaflets, except those which are obscene or not aligned with the college’s missions, may be distributed only in designated areas on campus where and at times when such distribution shall not interfere with the orderly administration of the college operations or free flow of traffic.
  7. Oversight Committee
    • A campus wide committee consisting of personnel from Facilities, Student Programs, Security and the Public Information Office shall be established for the purpose of resolving disputes related to these posting procedures.
  8. Jurisdiction
    • These procedures do not apply to the private office areas or to the exterior doors of private offices. The procedures are applicable for public areas only.
Last Update:11/2004