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Welcome to the webshare facilities floor plans:
If you are searching for a room number in a specific building, just select the tab display from the following building name and the range of room numbers in that building. Then select the room range folder that contains the desired location.
  • Display size can be increase or decrease as desired using the Adobe + or – buttons on the tool bar.
    • The display can be printed at that scale using the Current view option in the print command; and
    • Set the Page Scaling option to Fit to Printable Area.
The floor plans are the same as they appeared in the Fall 2008 NSCC Room Numbers & Location Maps. As these plans are updated, the specific change will be recorded below on this page.
College Buildings Floor Plans:
Updated Action:
Date Page Number Updated
01/26/09 10 CC room 2255 C and D reconfigured
03/25/09 10 CC room 2358 D added a new file room
10/05/09 11 CC room 3460 split into 3459 and 3460