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English Department Manual

for Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty

Welcome to the English Department at North Seattle College!  This manual was created to be a resource, and we hope it will provide you with a clearer understanding of how to get started and how our curriculum is structured. All information here is free for your personal use, but please give the NSC English Department credit for all materials you use. However, none of these materials may be used for monetary gain (or used for mass distribution) without first obtaining permission from the department.

English Department Manual (click here)

Brief Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Logistics, Policies, and Procedures

Chapter 2: English 102 Curriculum

Chapter 3: English 101 Curriculum

Chapter 4: English 099/101 Curriculum

Chapter 5: English 097/098 Curriculum

Chapter 6: English 095/096 Curriculum

Chapter 7: Classroom Resources, Handouts, and Teaching Aids

Chapter 8: Teaching English Online

Chapter 9: Teaching English in an Integrated/Coordinated Studies Program

Chapter 10: Sample Graded English 101 Essays with Instructor Comments

Chapter 11: Additional Course Outlines


Created by JC Clapp, Winter 2011 --- last updated April 2014
Funded through a Seattle College District Sabbatical Project
with the input and cooperation of
the entire English Department Faculty and Staff


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