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ABE/ESL Policy and Procedure Manual

Individual Policies and Procedures:


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Career and College Readiness Standards (CCRS)


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Faculty Handbook 2017-18

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*Student Resources: Cheat Sheet 18-19

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Real Change Resource Guide 18-19

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Career and College Readiness Standards

Instructional Master Plan

Essential Learning Outcomes/Rubrics

NSC Strategic Plan 2016 -- 2023

Council for Basic Skills Meetings

WIOA Guiding Changes for Basic Skills

BEdA Adult Ed  5-Year Plan

WIOA: North Seattle Basic Skills and King County WDC Alignment

WA State  Assessment Policy (16-17)

WIOA, Numeracy, & Employability Skills (F 2015)

WIOA and Developmental Ed PPT

ESL Accreditation Discussion 2016

How to Update your People Page

How to Link your People Page to your Canvas Profile

Survey Spring Quarter 2013

PowerPoint on HB1079 and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Tips for Teaching in the Computer Lab


911 Flyers in multiple languages

School Closure
Tuition Waivers for Faculty

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  • Ask Nancy or Jeff for a key request form. Once the form is completed, take it to the Lockshop on the ground floor of the IB Building within Facilities. When the key is ready, the Lockshop will send you an email to go pick it up. If your photo ID is not on file, you will need to present a photo ID when you pick up your key.
  • If classroom is locked, call Security at x. 3636

Plagiarism Statements

Priority Hiring

  • Part-time faculty who have worked an AVERAGE of 50% or more for 9 out of 12 consecutive quarters, excluding summers, and who have received satisfactory evaluations, may become priority hire faculty.
  • Priority hire faculty have right to first refusal to any subject previously taught.

Professional Development Leave


Instructors are responsible for:

  • ensuring that the class roster is completely accurate by the 10th day of each quarter. This means filling out registration forms for those not on your roster AND dropping the no-shows. You can drop the no-shows by crossing their names off your official roster and giving that roster to ARRC. Check and recheck your roster.
  • reporting enrollment to the EIC Coordinator by writing numbers on the brown cabinet across from Sharon Kita's office, IB2411A by the dates announced at the ESL Meetings at the beginning and end of each quarter.
  • registering current students for the following quarter according to department policy. For details, read Registration: Supplemental Classes. Check and recheck the forms you submit, taking care to fix errors and clarify any illegible writing by the students.
  • ABE/ESL classes have continuous enrollment (students can be added throughout the quarter). If you add a student after the tenth day, give the registration form to the Associate Dean The director will adjust the number of credits the student will receive (based on the date the class is added). Do not submit post-tenth day add forms to registration!

Registration: Summer Quarter Click here to learn how to register students for Summer Quarter.

School Closure

  • If there is extreme weather or other emergencies, classes may be cancelled.
  • Listen for announcements made over local radio and television stations or call the main campus telephone number, 206-527-3600.
  • You should also receive this information in your voicemail system.

Sick/Personal Leave

  • Notify ESL Coordinator , and Lead Secretary
  • If possible, find a substitute by trading hours with someone or by paying them
  • Cancel class (your paycheck may be docked if you have not accrued enough sick leave)
  • Check paystub to see if you have sick leave
  • Upon your return to campus, complete the form for using sick leave (available from division secretaries)

Student Tuition

  • ABE/ESL Students are required to pay $25 per quarter (21 credits maximum).
  • There are scholarships for students who need them. Students should contact the Associate Dean.
  • Students who don't pay will be dropped from your roster. The Associate Dean will send faculty a list of students who haven't paid before they are dropped from your roster. This gives you a chance to remind the students and ask if they need to talk to the Associate Dean about a scholarship.
  • Non-paying students whose names are on the roster on the 10th day but stop coming to class will not be allowed to enroll in classes at NSCC in the future until they pay the $25 owed the college for that quarter.


If you need a substitute, please contact the Associate Dean to make arrangements.


  • To see samples, refer to the large binders next to Lead Secretary's desk or the sample syllabi available online
  • Use this syllabus template to create yours
  • One copy, submitted each quarter via e-mail, stays on file in the division office (next to Lead Secretary's desk)
  • Give a copy to all students in your class
  • Include the appropriate plagiarism statement on your syllabus.

Tuition Waivers

  • According to RCW 28B.25, if you teach at 50% work load or more for the SCCD, you are eligible to enroll in 1-2 classes at 2-4 year institutions of higher education.
  • Not all schools are participating, so inquire before you enroll.
  • Complete the Tuition Waiver form and take it to Registration.