Annual AA Degree Course Planning Schedule

You can now earn your Associate of Arts Degree online, on-campus, at night, or in our unique night-hybrid program! The AA Degree Planning Worksheet is a useful way to understand how the various types of courses fit together in the AA Degree.  Work with the Advising Office to create an educational plan and check the quarterly class schedule for the most accurate current course listing. The annual course planning schedule is a preview of the courses appropriate for the AA Degree and should only be used for planning purposes; it is subject to change.

Download the Simple Overview of the Projected Annual AA Degree Schedule (requires Excel to open)

Download the Detailed Projected Annual AA Degree Schedule (requires Excel to open)

The Excel files have the courses sorted based on the type of course, the special designations categories, and the mode of delivery. Click on the tabs across the bottom of the Excel screen to navigate.

Explanation of Terms and Abbreviations used in the Annual Course Planning Schedule:

Types of courses:
VLPA -- Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (Humanities)
ICS -- Individuals, Cultures, and Society (Social Sciences)
NW -- Natural World (Science)
QSR -- Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (Math)
Composition -- English 101 & English 102 (offered every quarter in all modes)

Special Designations:
US -- U.S. Cultures
GS -- Global Studies
COM -- Communication
Lab -- Science class fulfilling the Lab requirement
Studio -- Studio performance class
IS -- Integrated Studies (Integrated Studies details and course offerings)

Course Modes of Delivery:
On-Campus -- Class meets on the NSC campus
Fully Online -- Class meets online with no (or few) campus meetings (more information about e-learning courses can be found on our Distance Learning site)
Night -- Class meets two nights per week on campus
Night-Hybrid -- Class meets one night per week on campus, with the remaining coursework completed online (more information about the "North Blend" Night-Hybrid courses)

Please watch our tutorial about The Detailed AA Degree Planning Schedule